Faith and Seeds

From the PWS&D Resource for the third Sunday in Lent:

Louis Talise can feel the consequences of climate change. the air is hot, the seasons shift and rainfall is erratic.

For a rice farmer, dependent on predictable, plentiful rain for irrigation, this is troubling.

Louis needs to harvest enough rice to provide for his eight children. When a PWS&D climate change resilience and food security project came to his village in Hai , Louis enthusiastically offered his plot of land to test a rice farming system that requires less water and fertilizer.

The bold farmer prepared his plot, dropping individual seeds into the earth, a practice that departs from tradition.

Louis recounts his neighbours’ confusion: “‘We thought you were a rice farmer,’ they’d shout ‘What are you doing?’”.

But after three weeks, when Louis had cultavated twice as much rice as his neighbours, farmers across his community wanted to learn the method that produced such abundance.

This Lenten season faithfully respond to Christ’s call to serve those in need. Through support of PWS&D, we are helping farmers restore crea on and share farming knowledge.