March prayer calendar

Thursday, March 1

Give thanks for promoters in Nicaragua who are dispelling myths about locally grown foods and encouraging the cultivation of vegetables through a PWS&D program.

Friday, March 2 (World Day of Prayer)

Pray today for climate justice. Ask that we find the means and the will to be the guardians all of God’s creations.

Saturday, March 3

Pray for those who cannot find employment. May they experience dignity and hope as they search for work.

Sunday, March 4

Pray for the Rev. Joel Sherbino of ParisPresbyterian Church, ON, as he travels to Blantyre Synod, Malawi, connecting with partners and visiting prison ministries.

Monday, March 5

Pray that all who are living with confusion, fear or conflict may have a sense of God’s presence and enduring love and faithfulness.

Tuesday, March 6

Pray for the wisdom and health of the Rev. Heung Ryeol Han, who serves as the convenor of the Ministry Committee for the presbytery of Western Han-Ca.

Wednesday, March 7

Pray for the Raw Carrot in Paris, ON, and all ministries reaching out to those living with mental illness.

Thursday, March 8 (International Women’s Day)

Give thanks for mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, grandmothers, and all girls and women who build up families and communities.

Friday, March 9

Please pray for trip leaders and organizers of our national study tours as they prepare for the trips planned in 2018.

Saturday, March 10

Pray for the Rev. Dr. Lance Odland who serves as the Students Convenor of the Ministry Committee for the presbytery of West Toronto.

Sunday, March 11

Pray for all whose burdens and struggles are heavy. Pray for peace and that they will experience God’s comfort.

Monday, March 12

Pray for stewardship and mission committees as they work to inspire vision and enthusiasm for the ministry God is doing through their congregations.

Tuesday, March 13

Pray for PWS&D partners in Haiti who are fighting for gender justice and providing legal counsel for women who are victims of violence.

Wednesday, March 14

Pray for those whose families are away serving our country. Pray that God grants them perseverance and patience, especially during those times when they feel alone.

Thursday, March 15

Pray for those who cannot find meaningful employment. May they experience dignity and hope as they search for work.

Friday, March 16

Pray for farmers in Nicaragua who are receiving support from PWS&D to plant community nurseries and break cycles of ongoing hunger and malnutrition.

Saturday, March 17

Give thanks that we live in a part of the world where we can enjoy the change of seasons and the wonders of God’s creation.

Sunday, March 18

Pray for the members of the Assembly Council as they gather for their meeting and as they prepare for the upcoming General Assembly.

Monday, March 19

Pray for the health of all care chaplains serving across Canada in hospitals, retirement homes and other health care facilities.

Tuesday, March 20

Ask God to protect families who have fled violence in South Sudan. Pray that support from PWS&D helps refugees rebuild their lives in peace and safety.

Wednesday, March 21 (International Day to Eliminate Racism)

Thank God for the gift of racial diversity and for those who are building inclusive communities that speak out against hatred and racism.

Thursday, March 22 (World Water Day)

Pray that all people have access to the scared gift of safe, clean water.

Friday, March 23

Thank God for the many signs of new life that spring brings and for farmers preparing their fields for planting.

Saturday, March 24

Remember in prayer the Rev. Peter Bush, moderator of the General Assembly.

Sunday, March 25 (Earth Hour)

Give thanks for congregations that are reducing their carbon footprint.

Monday, March 26

Please pray and give thanks for the nominees for Moderator of the 2018 General Assembly.

Tuesday, March 27

Pray for those preparing to travel to Malawi in April as part of the national study tour program with The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Wednesday, March 28

Please pray for Jo Morris as she leads the Canada Youth 2018 planning team for youth leaders in congregations.

Thursday, March 29

Two years ago, church leaders adopted the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Pray for the church as we seek meaningful ways to live out this commitment.

Friday, March 30

Today, pray for the worldwide church, the Body of Christ in the world.
Saturday, March 31 Please pray for the Rev Dr. Tom Billard, convenor of the Life and Mission Agency committee as he strives to respond creatively and effectively to the needs of congregations.