April prayer calendar

Sunday, April 1 (Easter)

The Lord has risen and has given us new life, making us new creations purposed to fulfill good works that God has prepared for us. Pray that we love and serve our neighbours with the same love God shows us.

Monday, April 2

Pray for the Rev. Stewart Folster who serves as the convenor of the Pastoral Care Committee for the presbytery of Northern Saskatchewan.

Tuesday, April 3

Pray that God might help us unfurl our fingers and open our hands to give and receive support generously.

Wednesday, April 4

Pray for those young people considering applying for Youth in Mission trips this summer.

Thursday, April 5

Pray for hearts of wisdom and discernment for the Committee to Nominate as they prepare recommendations for appointments to the standing committees of the General Assembly.

Friday, April 6

Pray that those overcoming leprosy and tuberculosis at the PWS&D-supported Shining Hospital in Nepal know God’s healing love.

Saturday, April 7 (World Health Day)

Pray that God is with all those who are ill in any way.

Sunday, April 8

Pray for those travelling as part of a study tour focusing on the work of PWS&D and Presbyterians Sharing in Malawi.

Monday, April 9

Give thanks for the clerks of presbytery and synod who have gathered for the biennial Clerks’ Consultation. May they be renewed for the vital ministry they fulfill.

Tuesday, April 10

Pray for the General Assembly Design Team as they help plan for a gathering of meaningful worship, discernment and fellowship.

Wednesday, April 11

Pray for our Governor General, Julie Payette. Ask that the Holy Spirit watch over her, allowing her to fulfill her duties on behalf of all Canadians with grace and strength.

Thursday, April 12

As our thoughts turn to spring, give thanks to God for what is known and unknown in creation. Pray that we might truly care for such legacies of beauty and wonder.

Friday, April 13

Please pray for Christians across the world who are denied their rights, imprisoned, tortured or martyred for their faith. Pray that they may be protected, remain faithful and that the gospel may continue to be spread.

Saturday, April 14

Pray for university students as they finish this academic year. May God bring them peace as they complete this part of their journey and move on to the next.

Sunday, April 15

God, give us the compassion, insight, determination and resources to help victims of human trafficking.

Monday, April 16

Give thanks for all volunteers who are the heart, hands and souls of their church communities.

Tuesday, April 17

Pray for seniors, and thank God especially for their service in our congregations.
Wednesday, April 18 Pray for the Rev. Stewart Folster who serves as the convenor of the Pastoral Care Committee for the presbytery of Northern Saskatchewan.

Thursday, April 19

Give thanks for PWS&D-supported childcare centres in Malawi that supplied over 300 orphans and vulnerable children with nutritious meals last year.

Friday, April 20

Pray for David Phillips as he helps congregations implement the Leading with Care policy to protect vulnerable peoples.

Saturday, April 21

Give thanks today that we are able to be an expression of God’s love to everyone we meet. Pray that other people may see glimpses of God’s glory in and through our lives.

Sunday, April 22 (Earth Day)

Celebrate the gift of God’s creation! Pray that God’s precious gifts, like the air we breathe and the water we drink, will be treated more wisely for the good of all and for generations to come.

Monday, April 23

Please pray for people in Syria who have chosen to stay in their country as a light for the gospel.

Tuesday, April 24

Give thanks for PWS&D partners helping farmers protect and revitalize life-giving soil and cultivating plentiful harvests.

Wednesday, April 25

Pray that as we look into God’s word, we find the find the love, mercy and wisdom we need to govern our lives.

Thursday, April 26

Pray for members of the Atlantic Mission Society as they gather for Discovery Days — may their time together be one of learning and fellowship.

Friday, April 27

Pray for the members of the Committee on Education and Reception as they meet with candidates who have applied to be ministers in The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Saturday, April 28

Give thanks today that our Creator is not quick to anger, and for loving each and every one of us with an everlasting love.

Sunday, April 29

Pray for all Women’s Missionary Society and Atlantic Missionary Society groups as they lead in Mission Awareness Sunday services across the country today.

Monday, April 30

Lord, we pray for all the Military Chaplains who serve both at home and abroad. Allow them to be your voice, your hope and your comfort when it is needed.