Stained Glass Singers

photo taken by Diane McWilliams

photo taken by Diane McWilliams

Your child will have an opportunity to participate in ministry at St. Andrew’s church, while learning valuable skills in music, rhythm, team-work and confidence. The Stained Glass Singers rehearse each Wednesday evening from 3:45 to 5:00, and sing once a month in church, as well as on special occasions. I recommend the minimum age at 6 (grade 1), but if your child is in kindergarten and you feel that he/she would be ready for this group, then please talk to Sandra Fletcher. This choir is open to children associated with St. Andrew’s, as well as those from the larger community.

The music developmental skills that we work on include:

  • learning age-appropriate songs
  • music games and activities
  • good vocal technique
  • rhythm training and percussion instruments
  • solfege
  • basic music reading and musical concepts

Most rehearsals begin with some fun with percussion instruments where the children either listen and repeat rhythms, or learn to read rhythms. This is followed with vocal warm-ups, some review songs, new songs, and often a game or other music activity. We practice everything necessary for the children to feel confident when singing in front of the congregation, or another audience.

Some children are not yet ready to sing in front of others. I understand this, and will not force anyone to participate in a Sunday service or in a concert until he/she is ready. I want singing to be a positive experience for each child. They welcome to attend rehearsals and learn along with the others until they are ready.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached by email (, or leave a message for me at the church office.

Rehearsals begin at 3:45 pm on Wednesdays. Please enter through the Broughton Street wheelchair access door….ring the buzzer.

Sandra Fletcher
Director of Music Ministries–St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church