December 13 – Advent III

December 13, 2015
Passage: Isaiah 9:1-7


Joy is a word we don’t use very well.  Sometimes we mistake it for happiness.  Other times we think it’s being exuberant.  While these can be side-effects of joy, they aren’t what its all about.  This third week of Advent, take time to embrace joy.

Getting Started:

  • How would you describe joy?


  • Isaiah 9:1-7.
  • In verses 1-5, what are some of the pictures used for joy in this passage?
  • What changes are being described?
  • In verses 6-7, what is the cause of this joy?


  • “The Preacher’s Wife”.
  • What changes take place for the preacher and his wife?
  • How does Dudley change?
  • What causes all this joy?

Experience it:

  • Read or watch a new version of the original Christmas story.
  • Maybe take in the children’s presentation at a church, or watch a movie version you haven’t seen before.
  • Notice the changes taking place and what is causing them.

What difference does it make?

  • Think of a situation in your life, or in the world, that has seemed gloomy, dark or discouraging.
  • What might happen if joy arrived there?
  • How could joy infuse that situation?