Practising the Path – Relinquishment

March 13, 2016
Passage: Psalm 2, Romans 8: 18 - 30

"The Spirit teaches me to yield my will entirely to the will of the Father. He opens my ear to wait in great gentleness and teachableness of soul for what the Father has day by day to speak and to teach. He discovers to me how union with God's will in union with God Himself; how entire surrender to God's will is the Father's claim, the Son's example, and the blessedness of the soul." ~ Andrew Murray

This one of the simplest, and the most difficult prayers we can offer. It is the surrender of our desires, wills and wishes to God. Failure to do so can leave us frustrated and discouraged. Surrendering brings peace as we remember that God is in control, and will work things out for good.

This week, invite the Spirit to whisper areas where you are trying to exert control, then enjoy the sweetness of surrender.

You're also invited to a final Lenten practice of the path of prayer, Tuesday March 15th at noon or 6:30pm.