Tradition and Science

February 7, 2016
Passage: Psalm 139
Faith and science are complimentary ways to understand God’s nature and work in the cosmos.  Let’s listen together as  God’s Spirit whispers from the pages of scripture, and the discoveries of science.
Text: Psalm 139

Discussion Questions:

  1. In this chapter, some information regarding the PCC’s present teaching about human sexuality and sexual orientation is provided. Given the passage of time since the last report on human sexuality and sexual orientation was adopted by our denomination, what other questions might you like to see added to this list?
  2. Have you ever had a discussion about same-sex marriage and/or sexual orientation with others from different church backgrounds than your own? Recall how this discussion unfolded. What did you learn from this discussion?
  3. After reading the discussion about church and culture, what do you find clarifying? What do you find challenging?
  4. VanderWal-Gritter says that sexuality shapes or impacts how we experience the world through things like music, art, friendship and family relationships. Reflect on how that has been part of your life experience.
  5. How does your own experience of sexuality and gender influence how you identify yourself? Imagine having a different sexual orientation than your own or being a different gender. What features of your identity change when you imagine yourself differently?

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