A new step forward in this slow and safe path to reshaping a new “now”. We are all invited to expect a worship video every Saturday, to be enjoyed either as a preparation or complement of the service. And while some of us will gather at the sanctuary for an in-person worship, following safety protocols, others will follow via live stream, and still others will be able to rewatch it in case they missed it. Different times, different places, one same heart.


Our upcoming service on Sunday October 25, starting at 10:30 am will be broadcast live on SA Facebook page, no need to have an account; click here to be redirected to the portal. Music will start around 10.25 am. Rewatch the previous services on the same portal (look for “All Videos”).


If you are attending the church service in person, we recommend that you download and save the electronic version of the bulletin to your phone or tablet to access during the service, available on Saturdays.

Reserve a space in advance by filling out a form that will be available here from Tuesday to Thursday (2pm). The form is currently being emailed to you every Tuesday (contact office if you want to be added to the list). Alternatively, you can reach us at 778-587-1227, we are glad to help you fill it out.


A pre-recorded video that includes music, images, prayers and the sermon. It compliments the service and may be enjoyed at any time, whether or not you attend worship in person as well. Visit our channel!

To ensure our comfort and safety in the sanctuary, we encourage you to follow the protocol and collaborate when needed. The guidelines provide information on ways to maintain physical distance, cleaning and hygiene; procedures on how we manage air quality, staff training, service registration, and more. We highly appreciate your cooperation.

We are adding more ways to collaborate with our church, safe e-transfer and bank check options are now possible; for more information see a comprehensive list of the multiple ways in which you can support St Andrew’s. We are always grateful for your contribution through our account in Canada Helps!

Check out what’s going on at our community in TWASA and The Link. You can’t miss them!



Nothing like music to express deep thoughts, insights, the inexplicable. Join bluegrass singer and songwriter Rhonda Vincent and her talented band.

By using his unique status, he has decided to support anyone in the world coming up with ambitious plans in favour of fixing our planet. He was one of the leading speakers in “Countdown”, a global initiative to cut green house gas emissions in half by 2030. It was broadcast last October 10, and has 15 million views after only a week.


According to the Canadian Military Memorials Database, four of our windows (on the north wall) were installed in 1946 as a memorial of those who died in WWII. Contribute to understanding the history of the sanctuary; you are welcome to email us at tourproject@standrewsvictoria.ca .

Thank you for your visit!