Alexander Munro

Alexander Munro 1824-1911
Alexander was born in Scotland but came to Victoria from London where he was not but a humble bank clerk. (2) While he was in London he became employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company and was sent to Fort Victoria to act as the general overseer for the Puget Sound Agricultural Company which was to promote immigration and colonization of Vancouver’s Island. (3) In 1872 Alexander was commissioned as a Factor in the Hudson’s Bay Company and two years later rose to Chief Factor for Vancouver Island. (4) Alexander was given the responsibility of divestment of Hudson’s Bay Company lands around Victoria and Esquimalt. (5) In 1885 Alexander became the general manager for the HBC until he retired five years later. (6)

Alexander was father to seven children with his wife, Mary, four of which were born in Victoria. (7) The Munros held many parties at their home including the marriage of Somerville, the first minister of St. Andrew’s. (8) His eldest daughter, Elizabeth Jane, married Robert Paterson Rithet, and his youngest daughter, Jean, married Captain John Irving. (9)

In 1869, Alexander Munro was elected as one of four Elders of the first St. Andrew’s Kirk Session. (10) He was the only Elder still a member when the new church was inaugurated. (11)

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