Open Church

Douglas is a busy street

With noisy trucks and plodding feet

Sidewalks swarm with pushing crowds

And choking dust in wind-blown clouds


Is there somewhere one can hide

From this, the seething, human tide?

Yes there is I’m glad to say

St. Andrew’s Kirk will make your day


It’s nice to find a friendly place

So quiet and near, with soaring space

A restful, placid, peaceful spot

In contrast with the street — that’s not!


It welcomes weary travellers in

To share with them what’s here within

A hundred years and more have passed

That it’s stood here, ‘twas built to last


You’ll find you’re welcomed at the door

As all our guests have been before

A guide is there to show you round

As treasured objects here abound


The windows surely will delight.

The coloured glass reflects the light

The organ, huge, cannot be missed

While plaques and pews are on the list


All who come are free to roam

And make our kirk their erstwhile home

And if you choose to sit and rest

You’re welcome, as an honoured guest


If you’re troubled, full of care

Where else is better anywhere

Than in our pews to come and sit

And, undisturbed, pray over it?


And all who come soon realize

That though we are of massive size

There is sense of holiness

Serene and peaceful, nonetheless


There is no charge, you come in free

We do not have an entrance fee

Your coming to our church domain

Is our reward, come back again!

Allan Arneil