Session Update – January 5, 2022

Session has been discussing the challenges in opening up our worship services to singing (which increases aerosol production) and balancing the safety of worshipers with this and open access to all. There are no easy answers, and certainly none that will suit all our members: some find our protocols restrictive, and others are not yet with us because they still do not feel safe coming. Session agreed to some changes last week. Notably, singing will begin this coming week, with the choir in their usual place, and the congregation singing at least two hymns in a service.

St Andrew’s has maintained tight safety measures in the sanctuary for in-person worship. Renters, Ballet Victoria, and members of our church community use the Kirk Hall public spaces, some of whom are not compliant to the mask-wearing regulations. Session will address this safety concern as soon as possible. Until we have a plan to achieve compliance with mask-wearing, the church office will be closed, and the Church Administrator will work from home.