Summary from Town Hall Meeting 15 September 2019


Some people made more than one comment and some will not have answered every question. These charts are an indication of the focus of most of the comments.

Although everyone’s comments are valued, given  the diversity of the thoughts and experiences of everyone present, there are some comments counted in an “Other” category because they are ‘one off’ comments  or do not fit into any of the general themes for that question. A few of these “other “ comments are included.


These are the most common thoughts expressed at the meeting.

  • We understand that scripture tells us to be kind, friendly and compassionate• 
  • A common theme:❖ 
    • People came to St Andrew’s because it is friendly and welcoming
    • People stayed at St Andrew’s because it is friendly and welcoming
    • We are proud of the warmth of the fellowship
  • Prayers that we will continue as a congregation
  • Prayers that we will be a congregation that serves the community
  • Learned the importance of the history of church
  • Many were surprised to learn/realize how much they feel part of and value the church community