Ways to Give

Our Congregation is made up of individuals representing all parts of our society, with each finding ways to support our many needs. Financial support is but one component albeit a very important aspect of our wellbeing.  Expressing our gratitude for the blessings God has given us includes our prayer life, our activities for the building up of God’s kingdom on earth, and financial contributions for the ministry of the church that is your community.

The ministries of St. Andrew’s cost approximately $900 per day, so the financial support of the members of this faith community and others is a matter of great importance. Most people make a plan for their charitable giving: there are options to consider, and many people decide to utilize more than one option.


Access our account on Canada Helps to make donations via credit card online.  You can choose to make one-time or ongoing donations. Giving online is a secure and easy way to give your offerings while at home or away for things like vacations. Click in the picture below to donate now!


Please send your donations amount as provided by your bank to treasurer@standrewsvictoria.ca


Forward your donation to:
C/O Treasurer,
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church,
680 Courtney St, V8W 1C1
Victoria, BC


Donations are welcome through an envelope system. Please email donate@standrewsvictoria.ca for a supply of envelopes.


Establish an automatic withdrawal from your checking account through our PRE-AUTHORIZED REMITTANCE (PAR) which will make a monthly withdrawal from your account. Contact donate@standrewsvictoria.ca to set it up.


Your legacy gift to St. Andrew’s will provide a bright future for our ministry. Please contact treasurer@standrewsvictoria.ca if you are interested in this opportunity. You can give your legacy to a general fund or target it to a cause such as Youth Programs or the Education Endowment if that is your desire.


When there is a death within our Congregational family or a funeral is held at St. Andrew’s, the surviving family is invited consider a memorial gift to St. Andrew’s.  If there are no survivors, the invitation may be made to the executor, if known. Depending on the interests of the deceased and the family, memorial gifts may be dedicated or not, that is to say given for some particular purpose, or left to the discretion of the Session of St. Andrew’s. Email us at donate@standrewsvictoria.ca


St. Andrew’s welcomes your involvement to serve God and the community. Volunteering at St. Andrew’s is a great opportunity to exercise your talents, discover new talents, gain experience, learn new things, and meet new people. If you’re interested in a particular ministry or interested but unsure of where you’d like to be involved, please contact pastor@standrewsvictoria.ca, he can help point you in the right direction and figure out where your gifts would be best used.