Bulletin November 17

We Gather to Worship Welcome and Announcements Prelude  Lord Jesus Christ be present now; J.S.Bach Call to Worship All God’s people sing, “Lord, You were once angry with us, but now Your anger has passed and You have brought us comfort.God, we will trust in You and then we won’t be afraid.Lord, You are the […]

Conversational Café

Our Sunday ESL Conversational Cafe is growing in numbers and we are in need of some more help, in order to provide a bit of one on one help. If you’d like to join our fun group, please come by our table and see if you can occasionally help. 30- 45 minutes would be a great […]

Bulletin November 3

We Gather to Worship Welcome and Announcements Prelude: Scicilenne; Mark Sirett Call to Worship Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength.
They shall mount up with wings as eagles; They shall run and not be weary; They shall walk and not faint. In the company of all God’s saints and pilgrims, come and […]

Listening session

Pastor Mitch offers a liste ning session following worship and Coffee Hour on October 27. Pastor Mitch will host a conversation in the Sanctuary to provide an opportunity for information sharing detailing the 2019 General Assembly discussion and recommendations regarding Human Sexuality. This will be the first of several listening sessions over the coming weeks. […]

Bazaar: Tea Garden

This week we feature the Tea Garden in our call for donations for the bazaar. Consider donating uncut pans of dessert squares, shortbread cookies to the Tea Garden. These items may be brought to the hall on Friday, November 15. If you would like to get yours ahead of time, tickets for tea at the […]

Bulletin October 27

We Gather to Worship Welcome and Announcements Prelude Andante (from Trio in D minor);Felix Mendelssohn Call to Worship We come to quiet ourselves in this place of holiness. Be still and know . . . we come to listen to the Word that can set us free. Be still and know that God is . […]

Bulletin October 20

We Gather to Worship Welcome and Announcements  Prelude: Morning has broken; Fred Bock Call to Worship We are people who have been called to follow where God leads us. By faith in God alone, we can walk into an unknown future. We are people who have been challenged to tell God’s story to others. By […]