About Us

We are a Christ-centered community of faith open to all. Our purpose is to glorify God through worship, to proclaim the Good News of Christ’s gospel, and to reach out to others with God’s love. St. Andrew’s responds to the command of Christ to love one another by: glorifying God in spiritually uplifting worship accessible to all, proclaiming the Gospel through an active education program for all ages, serving those in need, and providing leadership in our community and the Church at large.

“What does presbyterian mean?
Presbyterians get their name from the Greek word presbyteros which is found about sixty times in the New Testament and over one hundred times in the Greek translation of the Old Testament. This word means elder. It refers to mature members of the community who are respected for their experience and faithfulness. The word may also designate a particular office of leadership. A presbyterian church is one governed by elders. Presbyterian churches in Canada are governed by elders who are elected by members of the congregation. But presbyterian means much more than that, as you will discover.” (Taken from “Glorifying and Enjoying God” by : Dorothy Henderson, Karen Horst, Gordon Timbers – www.presbyterian.ca)