We are ready for our first in-person worship in the sanctuary. We are inviting you to reserve a space in advance by filling out a form that will be emailed to you every Tuesday (contact office if you are not on our list yet). Alternatively, you can reach us at 778-587-1227, we are glad to help you fill it out. Reservations close on Thursdays at 2pm. To ensure our comfort and safety in the sanctuary, we encourage you to follow the guidelines and collaborate when needed. We appreciate your help.

Live Stream Service

Our services will be broadcast live on SA Facebook page, no need to have an account, click here or the picture on the left to be redirected to the portal. The live stream will start at 10.15, music will start shortly after so our service can begin 10:30am.


Jesus gives us away a story that sheds light on perspectives that boggles and inspires the human mind. Read the story in Out of Curiosity, and also meet Martha Minow, who believes that forgiveness has a unique role in creating the conditions for a more legal just system.

We are adding more ways to collaborate with our church, safe e-transfer and bank check options are now possible; for more information see a comprehensive list of the multiple ways in which you can support St Andrew’s. We are always grateful for your contribution through our account in Canada Helps!

Check out what’s going on at our community in TWASA and The Link. You can’t miss them!

September 2020 Issue

Jesus and the children


A member in the congregation had the fantastic idea of sharing with us an audio file and transcript of part of the story of St Andrew’s Sanctuary. We’re now interested in adding to this idea and are requesting you to share any media you have (pics, audios, videos, your own stories…) We’ll see what our creative team can come up with, a virtual tour of our St Andrew’s? Send your files to or contact us at:

Thank you for your visit!