Lenten Opportunity

Lenten Opportunity

St Andrew’s

What regular practice or experience in your everyday life connects you to the presence and goodness of God? Perhaps, reaching out to a friend just when they need you (and you them) most, reading scripture in the quiet of the morning light, noticing the new buds on your rosebushes, or baking for your neighbour connect us to the presence and goodness of our faith in God. Each of you experience moments that are prayerful reminders of God’s presence; sometimes in the midst of difficult circumstances and often in the middle of our daily routines.

Last year, twenty of you shared your faith in our St. Andrew’s Lenten Reader. My hope is that, like me, those reflections were a source of inspiration and encouragement in your own life with Christ. We want to create a Lenten Reader for 2023. Each of us both struggle and find joy as we attempt to know God. We aren’t asking for your perfection, we are asking you to share your unique experience. We invite you to share:

  • A practice or experience that is prayerful, that reminds you regularly that God is here
  • A regular routine that connects you to the presence and goodness of God in your everyday life

Describe your experience in any way that you choose: a description, an example, a story, poem,(handwritten or typed) or photograph that can be included in our daily devotional guide for the season of Lent. Consider this opportunity to share your life of faith. If you have any questions or need encouragement, contact Linda Coggin by phone, 088 or at mg

Two friends sitting in the park at sunset
Lenten, 2023