Baptism Pentecost Dirk Ryneveld July 17, 2022 Pentecost +6 Last week we were privileged to participate in a double baptism in our church of baby Sophia and her adult father, Rob. This is an event that we have not enjoyed for some time at St. Andrew’s, partially because of the pandemic, and partially because of… Continue reading Baptism

Blessed, Beloved and Baptized

Blessed, Beloved and Baptized Pentecost Pastor Mitch Coggin July 10, 2022 Pentecost +5 I’m going to begin by reading from a children’s book: Today is a Baptism Day. I read this book when my grandson was baptized. The author, Anne Ostenso Moore writes that she is “aware that the Holy moment when a child is… Continue reading Blessed, Beloved and Baptized

I Need Help

I Need Help Pentecost Pastor Mitch Coggin July 3, 2022 Pentecost +4 As some of you know, I’ve been reading mysteries. Maybe you’ve read the series of mystery novels written by Canadian author Louise Penny. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is the main character who has always held unfashionable beliefs. Armand finds goodness in the most… Continue reading I Need Help

But First…Love this way

But First… Love this Way Pentecost Pastor Mitch Coggin June 26, 2022 Pentecost +3 A pastor friend’s writing provides a beginning for our meditation today: My choices daily seem so casual and small; I spend so little time deciding how I live– yet step by step, and choice by choice, I build a pattern by… Continue reading But First…Love this way