Waiting for Peace

Waiting for Peace Advent Pastor Mitch Coggin December 4, 2022 Advent 2A Oddly when I think about peacemakers, Bruce Thompson comes to mind. He didn’t work toward global peace, he worked in a hardware store in the rural area where I pastored. But, he did forge peace in his own heart and mind. Bruce was… Continue reading Waiting for Peace

The Blessing of Waiting

The Blessing of Waiting Advent Pastor Mitch Coggin November 27, 2022 Advent 1A Advent is about waiting. Waiting is hard for most of us. What is the blessing of waiting? How do we make waiting purposeful? The scriptures we read from Isaiah and Matthew were about waiting. In Isaiah people were waiting for resolution of… Continue reading The Blessing of Waiting

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Journey to the Cradle

Journey to the Cradle Pentecost Rev. Wayne Stretch November 13, 2022 Pentecost 24 Glenn Hinson was a greatly respected professor of mine at seminary. I remember one chapel he led… now 50 years later. Dr Hinson said he had uncovered the key ‘hermeneutical’ principle for understanding all the Jesus’ difficult sayings. He called it: “reverse-ism”.… Continue reading Journey to the Cradle

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Baptism Pentecost Dirk Ryneveld July 17, 2022 Pentecost +6 Last week we were privileged to participate in a double baptism in our church of baby Sophia and her adult father, Rob. This is an event that we have not enjoyed for some time at St. Andrew’s, partially because of the pandemic, and partially because of… Continue reading Baptism

Blessed, Beloved and Baptized

Blessed, Beloved and Baptized Pentecost Pastor Mitch Coggin July 10, 2022 Pentecost +5 I’m going to begin by reading from a children’s book: Today is a Baptism Day. I read this book when my grandson was baptized. The author, Anne Ostenso Moore writes that she is “aware that the Holy moment when a child is… Continue reading Blessed, Beloved and Baptized